Good evening guests, administration, teachers, family, friends, my mom Angela-love you! We are here tonight to celebrate the class of 2017, and to mark a pivotal moment in every single one of our lives.

I have a few challenges for our class to try and accomplish. One: that we all find something that we are each passionate about, and to pursue that passion. Each and every one of us have the potential to do extraordinary things, and I am confident we will all strive to fulfill that potential. I know this sounds like a major cliche that is probably said in most graduation speeches, but here, today I’m saying it to Lonoke High School’s graduating Class of 2017 with the utmost sincerity and genuine certainty.

Two: that we will be aware of the reality that surrounds us. We will be aware of others and their situations, and not judge them based on stereotypes or prejudice. If we were all allowed one contribution to society, I would hope this would be the one. To create a world where kindness and understanding are present above all else. And lastly three: that we won’t take ourselves too seriously, which kind of contradicts the past two, but nonetheless. That we will enjoy life and all it has to offer, and to not get too hung up on trivial problems or difficult people.

Most of all, I hope we will follow our dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Your dreams may not be beautiful to everyone, such as Anthony Aloi’s dream to be a hobo, but they are your dreams, and it is your right and obligation to pursue them to your greatest extent. All of our dreams will lead us in different directions. Some will be lead to college, others straight into the workforce, and as Mr. Wooten strongly believes, many to the Diesel Driving Academy. We will all live vastly differently lives.

But no matter what, we will all trace back the beginning of our adult lives here, when each of our names were called, and we walked across this stage, and were handed a piece of paper that opened hundreds of new doors for us. No matter what our plans are, they began here. And no matter where we end up, we will always be Lonoke Jackrabbits. Congratulations Class of 17! We made it!