A little over 12 years ago, my parents registered me for kindergarten in the Cabot Public School District. Aside from what my parents have told me, I only remember I was not very fond of naps at the time and I was extremely nervous about making friends, both of which were integral parts of the kindergarten society.

12 years later, I’ve made a few friends and napping always sounds appealing.

As I’ve conquered this journey through the MANY schools of the Cabot School District, I’ve noticed a lot of changes in my town: We gained a few elementary schools, lost and then rebuilt a junior high, and even added a freshman academy in the mix. The community of Cabot has experienced a remarkable growth since I started school and will continue to do so as people realize how wonderful of a community it is.

But why are we here today? Why am I standing before you thousands of people right now? Is it to commend the city of Cabot for being as outstanding as it is?

No of course not. Today is about us. I know I know. Narcissistic yes. But really. Let’s take a moment to recall some of the countless achievements the CHS class of 2017 has under its belt.

I’ve watched a class of athletes make history as we’ve made state champ appearances in just about any sport you can imagine…including quiz bowl. I’ve walked through three art shows and have been amazed by the talent in each and everyone of them. Seriously, how do they make a face look so realistic with a ballpoint pen? I’ve watched our school’s band come together to make a joyful noise of music every time they perform. And don’t get me started on the productions from our theatre department…I’m always blown away.

As we made our way through highschool, I’ve seen a class of intelligence. And trust me, I know they’re smart because I had to fight my way to give this speech today. I’ve seen a family of kids come together in times of sorrow and in times of delight.

We’ve made lots of memories ranging from coming together on twitter on those late winter nights as we awaited the possible closing of school the next day due to snow… sorry Dr T… to swimming our way through lower to our cars after the worst hail storm most of us have ever seen. CHS always had the best after prom parties *raise eyebrow* And let us never forget Real Chicken Thursday. It’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

Clearly high school has been quite memorable for me even though I am anxious to take on the next step of my life. I have many people to thank for getting me to where I am today. First, I’d like to thank God for never giving up on me and pushing me along even when I saw no light at the end of the tunnel. He always reminded me to trust in Him and I am thankful for that. My parents. One of my biggest goals in highschool was to make you proud. Thank you for expecting nothing but the best from me through my whole life, but always being understanding when I failed. I would not be up here if it wasn’t for you. And Drake, my brother, thanks for growing up with me. I wish nothing but the best for you. To any teacher who has worked tirelessly these past 12 years to grant me and my classmates the best education possible, you don’t always get the recognition you deserve, so thank you for all you have done. ESHLS and Ben. You have made my high school experience unforgettable. I love you all dearly.

Class of 2017. I couldn’t see myself in the class of 2018, 2016, or any other class. While they may both be a collection of great people as well, they, in my opinion, will never quite match the class of 2017. I have honestly loved high school even through the tears, but I know we are all ready for this next endeavor. So let us all go out knowing that the sky is the limit and nothing can hinder us from taking on that job or completing college in the next 4 or 5 years. You all have the tools, so go out and use them. Thank you seniors for all of the outstanding memories. I cannot wait to see where the next few years take us.