The City of Cabot recognized Fire Engineer Jimmy Rhine as the employee of the month for May for his hard work and dedication during the month of April.

Last month, the Fire Department responded to a call for a citizen that has required assistance previously. Fire Engineer Jimmy Rhine though, has took this above and beyond and has gone to the residence off duty and sat with him multiple times. Jimmy has ensured the citizen had the items that he needed and simply gave him some friendship time.

Also in the past month, the Fire Department responded to an elderly couple who had called for assistance. Upon arrival, it was found that some of the smoke detectors were not functioning. The Department did all they could while they were there, but discovered the job would actually require outside electrical work and wiring. Upon leaving, Engineer Rhine was witnessed giving the couple his personal number and told the couple to call him and he would help when they were ready for new detectors.

These are only two of the many examples of what makes Engineer Rhine not only a good firefighter, but a great person. He always looks out for the less fortunate and goes the extra mile to assist.