Good evening. I wanted to start by saying thank you for coming out tonight to help us celebrate our well-deserved achievement. We wouldn’t have been able to make it through these past thirteen years without the help of our parents, grandparents, and siblings. This is the day we have so anxiously awaited for and it is finally here. We’ve done it class of 2017, we’ve done it! Now, I want to take you on blast through the past and remind you of where we’ve been and what we’ve accomplished.

For most of us, our journey began the first day of Pre-K. Parents were lined up taking their children into the school, and kids’ hanging on to their parent’s leg because they were afraid of what was to come. All the new students were dressed in their best outfits. We’ve come a long way from those days. Now we wear sweatpants, leggings, and oversized t-shirts, but little did we know what a wild ride this school would take us through.

Looking back, Pre-K and Kindergarten had the best perks. Nap time, field trips, musicals and parties were always occurring. For every holiday there was party. They would range from making Popsicle reindeer for Christmas, decorative cereal boxes filled with Walmart cards and candy for Valentine’s Day, to creating paper outfits to transform ourselves into little Pilgrims for Thanksgiving. Speaking of dressing up, it reminds me of our Primary and Elementary school plays with Mrs. Alexander. Who knew that so much competition would occur to see who got to be the Christmas tree or another role in the spring and Christmas productions. Now, for those of you who were here during that time, when I said these plays, one event probably popped into your head: Weston falling off the stage. Of course at that time, we were completely freaked out, but now it is one of our greatest memories of all of school.

Our next big event occurred in 5th grade… Space Camp! We thought we were the coolest because we got to ride in charter busses that had bathrooms and movie players. Of course having to learn about the program was boring, but riding the space shot and cyclone was the most exciting thing we did even though we screamed our heads off. In our free time we rotated around climbing the rock wall and stocking up on pixie candy, against the wishes of our chaperones. Knowing we were the last class that was allowed to go to space camp, we took advantage of everything Space Camp had to offer and had the time of our lives.

These past 13 years have given us many memories of fun and laughter, but it has also created friendships that have stayed with us. Many of these friendships started on the playground but have blossomed into friendships that have had a tremendous effect on our lives. Every friend that came into our lives helped each one of us discover who we are. Once we found our so called “click” each one of us became who we are today, and our friends accept us for all our weird and quirky attributes. On T.V., most high school students only associate with their group, but our class is different. We’ve always been the ones who would pick someone up when they were down or sit with someone so they wouldn’t be by their selves. This class is full of love and compassion for every single human being and I can’t wait to see where life takes each and every one of us. Congratulations class of 2017, We Did It!!