Richard and Matt Morris of Morris, Inc in Carlisle hosted a training meeting for field staff from the Natural Resources and Conservation Service, Lonoke office on May 31 at their farm.

A dozen attended the training, including Kevin Cochran, a Conservationist; Lonoke County extension agent Keith Perkins and Mike Hamilton, who is an Irrigation Instructor for Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service.

Hamilton was the instructor for the field day training, demonstrating the use of polypipe in rice irrigation using a computer program called Pipe Planner. Pipe Planner creates the design for the irrigation method called Multiple Inlet Rice Irrigation.

According to Morris, this irrigation method uses multiple inlets, or holes and gates inserted into the side of the polypipe for each paddy in the field. A paddy is a flooded parcel of arable land used for growing semiaquatic rice.

The program is used to precisely water all the paddies in the field at the same time and eliminate runoff water and unnecessary pumping.

“This is the first time Matt and I have used this method, so we were in training also,” Richard Morris said.

Morris said the savings in pumping expense can be as high as 40 percent.

Morris Inc. furnished the equipment and site for the training event. Planners of the event were Richard Morris and Kevin Cochran.