The Cabot City Council on Monday considered legislation that would authorize the mayor and city clerk to execute an additional three-year agreement to extend the Cabot ambulance franchise contract between the city of North Little Rock and Cabot.

The contract would grant the Little Rock Ambulance Authority doing business as Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services, or MEMsm an exclusive franchise to provide ambulance services to the city of Cabot.

“The Little Rock Ambulance Authority doing business as MEMS was awarded an exclusive franchise for three years to provide ambulances services to the city of Cabot in 2005,” according to the city resolution.

On Feb. 26, 2008, both parties executed a three-year extension of the MEMS agreement, which is also referred to as an interlocal agreement. The 2008 agreement extended the term of the contract through July 18, 2011.

Both parties agreed again in 2011 to executive another three-year pact, which extended the agreement from July 19, 2011 to July 18, 2014. In addition, both parties entered into another agreement on July 25, 2014 for another three-year period which again extended the exclusive agreement from July 25, 2014, to July 18, 2017.

“There will be no subsidy for fiscal year ending June 30, 217, with subsequent amounts to be recomputed annually and payable to MEMS,” according to the new proposal.

The new contract would remain in effect until July 18, 2020. “Cabot has agreed to pay subsidies to MEMS, as computed annually,” according to the agreement.

On other business, the council is looking at another resolution that would authorize the city clerk/treasurer to establish a petty cash fund and change drawers for handling of small expenditures.

According to the proposal, the following offices would be permitted to establish a fund in the following amounts:

City Clerk/Treasurer: Petty cash fund of $150

City Clerk/Treasurer: Change Drawer: $100

Animal Control Department: Change Drawer: $200

Public Works Department: Change Drawer: m$50

Police Department: Change Drawer: $50

“Municipalities are permitted to establish petty cash/change drawers fund so long as the funds are maintained pursuant to Arkansas Code 14-59-106 and subject to this governing body,” reads the resolution. ”It is the desire of the city of Cabot to establish a petty cash fund and change drawers for various municipal offices for small expenditures subject to the approval of this governing body.”

Mayor Bill Cypert also said that “Breakfast with the Mayor” will be this Thursday, June 22, starting at 7 a.m. at the Fire and Police Training Center on the 2nd floor of the Plaza Building behind City Hall.

The City Council is also expected to be in attendance at the breakfast