The City of Cabot recognized Chief Court Clerk Jennifer Beranek as the employee of the month for June for her hard work and dedication during the month of May.

Towards the end of April and the beginning of May, Jennifer was promoted from within the Courts Department to Chief Court Clerk. Even before the promotion, Jennifer had already started to take on more of a workload and learn the tasks of the Chief Court Clerk. Since her promotion, Jennifer has worked hard to not only learn the position, but make profound changes within the Courts.

First, she opted not to take the office reserved for the Chief Court Clerk and instead, moved out into the open with the other two Deputy Court Clerks. She did this to make sure the other employees had help and that the citizens always had someone there. Jennifer also has made a point to attend the monthly staff meetings and include the Courts with the other Departments. Finally, Jennifer has gone the extra mile in coming in early, staying late, and even working on the weekends to make Courts the best it can be.

Jennifer is described by co-workers as being accountable and dependable. She has brought a true sense of teamwork to the office. For these reasons listed above, and many more that are not, she has been chosen as the employee of the month for June.

For being chosen employee of the month, Jennifer will receive a plaque with her name on it, her name added to the list of employees chosen as employee of the month on the City Hall plaque, her story in the newspaper, and lunch with the Mayor and the Human Resources Director.

The City will choose an employee each month based on their hard work from the month before.