JONESBORO – Students on the Chancellor’s and Dean’s Lists for spring 2017 at Arkansas State University have been announced. Combined, the group numbers 2,174 students.

The two lists recognize undergraduate students who achieved the highest grade point averages while enrolled in 12 or more credit hours of study.

The Chancellor’s List (designated as CL) includes students who earned a grade point average of 3.80 to 4.0 for spring classes. The Dean’s List (DL) includes students with a grade point average of 3.6 to 3.79.

Students from Lonoke County are listed below alphabetically by hometown, student’s name and list.

Austin, Codi Boyd, CL

Austin, James Eaton, CL

Austin, Heather Haselhuhn, CL

Austin, Jessica McDonough, CL

Austin, Valeria Negron-Cuevas, CL

Austin, Sara Rowley, CL

Austin, Madison Walker, CL

Austin, Maegan Hutchins, DL

Austin, Alaina Paty, DL

Cabot, Abbey Allgood, CL

Cabot, Shannon Bagwell, CL

Cabot, Jacob Bailey, CL

Cabot, Bethany Baxter, CL

Cabot, Westley Beaver, CL

Cabot, Joshua Bennett, CL

Cabot, Payton Binns, CL

Cabot, Morgan Boroughs, CL

Cabot, Hannah Brown, CL

Cabot, Sarah Brown, CL

Cabot, Kathryn Calhoun, CL

Cabot, Sheila Everett, CL

Cabot, Courtney Gibson, CL

Cabot, Lindsey Hart, CL

Cabot, Katherine Haynes, CL

Cabot, Seaton Howard, CL

Cabot, Ashlyn Johnson, CL

Cabot, Meradith Kalchik, CL

Cabot, Kyle Kaufman, CL

Cabot, Colby Lynch, CL

Cabot, Alyssa Perry, CL

Cabot, Miranda Perry, CL

Cabot, Mary Record, CL

Cabot, Taylor Sales, CL

Cabot, Brittany Sorrell, CL

Cabot, Lindsay Spell, CL

Cabot, Kristen Sumler, CL

Cabot, Jennifer Taylor, CL

Cabot, Dylan Thompson, CL

Cabot, Carlee Wright, CL

Cabot, Rachel Allgood, DL

Cabot, Lauren Calhoun, DL

Cabot, Weston Conard, DL

Cabot, Megan Fruhling, DL

Cabot, Bailey Moses, DL

Cabot, Ryan Raines, DL

Cabot, Samantha Shaw, DL

Cabot, Kaitlin Soderlund, DL

Cabot, Lee Sullivan, DL

Cabot, Shelby Thompson, DL

Carlisle, Cody Bowlan, CL

Carlisle, Steven Chambers, CL

Carlisle, Peyton Hitchings, CL

Carlisle, Austin Reed, CL

Carlisle, Braden Reed, CL

Carlisle, Nicholas Schafer, CL

Carlisle, Harold Laws, DL

Carlisle, Jordan Sheets, DL

Lonoke, Ashley Cleveland, CL

Lonoke, Taylor Davis, CL

Lonoke, Samantha Gann, CL

Lonoke, Pierce Jackson, CL

Lonoke, Haiden Jeter, CL

Lonoke, Heather Payne, CL

Lonoke, Poreah Ronaghi, CL

Lonoke, Mariana Zermeno, CL

Lonoke, Savannah Holman, DL

Lonoke, Haley Petrus, DL

Lonoke, Jacob Wilson, DL

Ward, Gina Jacobs, CL

Ward, Kelly Landers, CL

Ward, Angelica Coonts, DL

Ward, Adrianna Hubble, DL