The Cabot City Council on Monday heard a request to abandon the public right of way through an alley along West Mytle Street.

“The City Council has determined that the abandoning of these public right-of-way will not have an adverse impact on the adjacent property owners nor the public welfare and safety of the city,” reads Ordinance 2017-19. “Upon abandonment, the absolute ownership of the property shall be vested in the owner, of the fee simple title, to the property free from the former easement or right-of-way once dedicated to the City of Cabot.”

On March, 28, a public hearing was held before the Cabot Planning Commission and there were no objections from the public and it has since been determined that the Cabot City Council is the correct body to decide if the public right-of-way will be closed.

“The City of Cabot releases, vacates and abandons all its rights, together with the rights of the public generally.

On Monday, council members heard from nearby Reflections Body Shop president Brad Hutslar, Hutslar said he had spoken with police and fire departments and the property owners that could possibly be affected by the closure.

“Reflections is a family owned business first opened in 1983,” Hutslar said. “Since that time, it has been providing auto body collision repair and vehicle restoration. Due to providing the community with exceptional customer service and quality restorations, Reflections is at maximum capacity and needs to expand.”

Reflections currently has a staff of 13 full-time employees and three part-time employees..

Hutslar said it is expected that the current shop located on the easement will be moved to West Elm and 10th streets.

At one of the earlier public hearings, one concern was raised that the children use the current bus stop to get to their after-school activities at the library.

“The closure is also needed for the safety of our employees and the public,”she said. “Reflections will be building two new paint booths and will have a constant flow of cars moving from the current location, where the initial repairs will be completed, to expansion, which will consist of the paint booths.

“There will be no impact to the traffic, as the current traffic will simply be reduced to West Elm and 10th Street, and West Elm is a road that is in a substantially, overall, better condition than the location we wish to close,” he added. “It is expected that the current bus stop located on the easement will be removed to West Elm and 10th streets.