Micky and Pam Maddox spoke to the Carlisle City Council at its Aug. 15 meeting about some concerns they have with the new city water well.

The city is in the process of purchasing a small area of land behind Immanuel Baptist Church, near the water treatment plant and water tower.

“I guess my concern of this entire project, other than the fact it is effecting me from the standpoint of the location, is just that sheer fact I would have felt like the [Council] would have at least contacted the people that it was going to effect, prior to actually pursuing it,” Micky Maddox said. “It seemed like, for lack of better way to put it, money and getting it done opposed to does it effect anyone. Again, you as a city council represent people. That’s what you do and I hope you take that role seriously.”

Glover said he did go visit with the Maddox’s and take them to the site, to explain the project.

“We’re not up here to try and deceive people,” Glover said. “We’ve been working on this for two years. We’re not trying to keep anything secret. We’re running out of water. The city is running out of water. Our engineers tell us in five years, we will be dry. We thought we picked a spot that was kind of out in the woods there, where it wouldn’t bother anybody, really. You’re probably right, I dropped the ball and should have gone out into Gartman addition and talk to y’all, told you what was going on but like I said we didn’t think it was going to bother anybody, where we were putting it. Your exactly right when you told the council this thing was going through. We are in the last stages of getting this thing started and there is going to be a well where I showed you the other day. It’s not just because we want to go out and drill a well somewhere. Like I said, we’re running out of water. We’ve got to have water for our city and for all our residents. If y’all thought we were trying to hide something or slip this by you, that is not our intent.”

Glover estimated the project would begin within two months.

Bids opened Aug. 8 for the well construction project. Two bids were received. The lowest from Frank Elder Well Supply, Inc. of Carlisle for $523,000 and the highest of $567,680 from Layne Christensen Company of Stuttgart. By unanimous vote, the council accepted the lowest bid of $523,000 from Frank Elder Well Supply.

In other business, the city opened bids for paving at Rockefeller Park. Three bids were received, the highest of$32,731 from Redstone construction of Little Rock and the lowest of $29,955 from RedRock Paving of Greenbrier. Glover said the city did budget $27,000 for the project, but with council’s approval, can finish the project. By unanimous vote, the council approved the lowest bid of $29,955 from RedRock paving.

The city also opened bids on July 17 for the painting of the water tower. Three bids were received. The highest bid of $262,600 was from Utility Service Company of Perry, Ga. and the lowest bid of $209,967 was from Kimery Painting, Inc. of Glenpool, Okla. By unanimous vote, the council accepted the lowest bid of $209,967 from Kimery Painting.

Also during the meeting, the council unanimously approved to:

- Adopt ordinance 317, authorizing the mayor and city clerk-treasurer to obtain financing for $85,000 to purchase fire trucks for the fire department. The five year loan will be obtained from BancorpSouth Bank with a three percent interest rate.

-Authorized Ashmore to oversee any teams wanting to use fields at Rockefeller park, leaving the usage at his desegregation to insure the fields are maintained.

-Authorize the police department to purchase two used police cars

The next Carlisle City Council meeting will be at 6 p.m. Sept. 19 in the Civic Center.