The Lonoke City Council approved paving bids at a special meeting on Monday night.

A bid opening for street paving was held on Aug. 17 , with two bids received. The highest of $497,258.95 was from Cranford and the lowest of $452,599.66 was from Redstone Construction, both of Little Rock. By unanimous vote, the council accepted the lowest bid of $452.599.66. Due to paving of Adams Street being excluded from the bid specs, the council in additon, approved to spend up to $19,000 for the paving of Adams street. The council also approved unanimously approved an engineer fee of $10,000 to Bond Engineering to oversee paving of the street.

At the Aug. 14 regular council meeting, the council approved the purchase a Dodge Ram pick up for $26,323. Accessories, such as a tow package were provided in the bid, but not in the purchase amount approved. For this reason, a motion was made by Koy Butler and seconded by Wendall Walker to approve the additional accessories, bring the total to $26,907. Butler, Walker, Raymond Hatton, Michael Florence, and Janie Derning voted in favor of the motion. Pat Howell voted against it.

Efrem Jones and Woody Evans were absent.

Also during the meeting, the Council approved to spend up to $3,500 for tree removal and trimming services at the walking trail area.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will be at 6 p.m. Sept. 11 in the court room at city hall.