The Woodlawn Community Center opened their doors at 10:30 a.m. on a rain-soaked Thursday last week for their Weekly Community Events.

President Cecelia Anderson opened the event by having Dorothy Henry, Marilyn Lewis, Jackie Maxwell, David Neal, Janet Ray, Brenda Ott, Carol McArthur, Any Childers, Louise Crabtree, Mary Gentry, Jerome Gentry and Dorothy Williams recite “The Pledge of Allegiance Allegiance.”

Mary Gentry gave the invocation, followed by numerous special prayers. Anita Weathers, still recovering at home after having heart surgery. For Mary Thate, recovering from surgery, facing another surgery on this Wednesday, Sept. 6. Sue Grady still facing health issues. For the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and for all our neighbors and friends.

Mary and Gerome Gentry, a wonderful, singing evangelist couple, presented a musical, “a religious awakening program” enjoyed by all the attendees. They visit nursing homes, hospitals, prisons and wherever they can bring hope for the oppressed. They are indeed “God Blessed.” Jerome blessed the Center’s wonderful dinner.

This Thursday, Sept. 7, Kern Kennedy and his “Camp Ground Express Band,”will present a great program, by bringing to life, older songs. Kern, also plays key-board for the “Pacers.” September is here, time goes on. We at the center, enjoy and invite talented guest to visit and present an enjoyable program. We appreciate everyone and thank everyone that has been at the center. If you or your friends know anyone that wanted to visit us and participate contact Jackie Maxwell at: 501-681-0717 or Cecelia Anderson at: 501-676-3695

We know everyone enjoys our hospitialty. So come join us for food and friendship at the Woodlawn Community Center,10070 Arkansas Highway 31 North. Come early for a cup of coffee and bring a dish for pot luck. For more information, please contact Cecelia Anderson at: 501-676-3695.