Fifth grade students at Carlisle Elementary School Fifth Grade bring joy to the community through inspirational rocks.

Last week, the class disburses the first round of inspirational painted rocks throughout Carlisle. Rocks with an inspiring message were placed in public areas such as the city park, library, playground, sidewalks, outside of businesses and churches.

Students Heather Buffalo, Sara Shafer and Bailey Jo Dawnson said this is just their way of giving back to their community.

“I choose to participate in the rock painting program because when someone is down, it can cheer them up,” Heather Buffalo said.

“I like to help people find joy in their lives,” Sara Shafer said

“I want to make people happy and make people feel welcomed and like they are actually cared about,” Bailey Jo Dawson

According to their teacher Sommer Goodrich, students will be painting rocks every Friday at school and then hiding them on various day.

“We will be painting new rocks every Friday, but we invite everyone to join in on the fun,” Goodrich said. ” Paint your own rocks and hide them around town in the great outdoors.”

According to Goodrich, if a rock is found, to take a picture of the rock post it to the grade’s Facebook page, Carlisle Rocks (Arkansas). She said to include #carlislerocks with the post. According to Goodrich,rocks can then be kept and replaced to spread even more joy to the people around them, or they can also choose to just re-hide the rock you found.

Students said they have found joy in not only finding rocks, but painting the rocks and hiding them for others.

“It makes me feel good about myself because of the message I am sending or receiving,” Jessa Wiles said.

“It makes me feel happy and it makes me hope that people are happy, too,” Alyssa Mills said.

Goodrich said she would like to encourage others to participate in the painted rock hide and seek.

“We encourage everyone to to join in on the fun and spread some joy around town by painting and hiding your own rocks as well,” Goodrich said.

More information about the program can be found on Facebook at Carlisle Rock (Arkansas)