A July bid opening was the main issue for the Ward City Council meeting held Monday, which otherwise had no agenda items to consider.

Aldermen Bill Moon, Jeff Shaver, Don Howard and Gary Matheny attended the meeting, presided by Mayor Art Brooke.

Consideration of a restroom project for Ward City Park came under department reports, and was from a bid opening held in July.

Brooke reported that when bids were opened, the city did not have funds available. However, funding has been assured through a $65,000 GIF-Funded Community Enhancement Grant, obtained by the Central Arkansas Planning and Development District (CAPDD), Brooke said.

With funding now available, the council voted to accept the bid.

Brooke said he was assured that the bid, “Is still good,” despite the delay.

Construction dates will be set during a construction meeting, which will be held “soon,” Brooke said after the meeting.

In other matters, the Council voted to accept the Planning Commission recommendation to approve the Cocklebur Acres phase I final plat for 11 lots with driveways on Cocklebur and Bird Dog roads.

City office manager Deborah Staley explained that the subdivision is outside city limits with water supplied by Grand Prairie Water, but Ward city water supplies a nearby hydrant for fire protection. The subdivision will not be on the Ward Wastewater system, she said.

Brooke explained that the subdivision came before the Ward Planning Commission because it is within the city five-mile planning area.

Brooke presented the Lemons Engineering Consultants report on construction progress for the new wastewater treatment plant. Preparation is underway to pour the concrete foundations of the facility, with pouring set to begin at 2:30 a.m., either Friday or Monday, he said.

At Brooke’s request, the council rescheduled the October city council meeting to Oct. 16 because of a conflict with computer training for aldermen and city staff.