On Thursday, Sept. 14, the Woodlawn Community Center opened their doors at 10:30 a.m. for the weekly events. Cecilia Anderson greeted all members. The twenty people present began the meeting by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and singing God Bless America. Judy Johnson gave the invocation and prayer requests were mentioned for the sick and infirm, especially for Anita Weathers. We had lots of fun playing Gift Bag Bingo, each bingo winner was given a Gift Bag.

Afterwards, Grace was said over the potluck lunch and the great meal was enjoyed by everyone.

On Wednesday Sept. 13, a group of Woodlawn members gathered at the Mexican Restaurant by the Bowling Alley in Cabot. A terrific lunch was enjoyed by all.

This Thursday, Sept. 21, Larry Weathers and his great country and western band will provide the entertainment. He will have selections from country and western, gospel and even some tunes he has written himself.

Be sure to come and join us for food, entertainment and friendship every Thursday. Bring a smile and a covered dish. For more information, contact Cecilia Anderson 501-676-3695.