The Carlisle City Council met in a special meeting last, to discuss options for obtaining property for a new city water well. The city, which was scheduled to close their USDA loan for a new water well on Monday, has since obtained the land for the construction of the well.

Carlisle Mayor Ray Glover said documents were signed last Friday that finalized the deal.

“The USDA is really pushing us to get the land in hand, where we can finish this loan,” Mayor Ray Glover said. “If not, they are going to drop us and we are going to have to go through the whole process again.”

As offers to Immanuel Baptist Church and the Elder Family Partnership have now been accepted.. The most recent offers for the 1.192 acre well location site owned by Immanuel Baptist Church was $16,185 and $785 to the Elder Family Partnership was for a 0.1575 acre parcel to construct an access road to the new water well site.

During the meeting, the council unanimously approved Glover to make a new offer of $20,000 for the Immanuel Baptist Church property and $3,000 for the Elder Family Partnership property.

The city has been working on the water well project since 2015, and applied for a USDA grant for its construction, more than a year ago. While the city did not receive grant funding for the project, a letter of conditions for a 40 year USDA loan opportunity with 2.75 interest rate for 40 years was received in February 2017.

“Those will probably not be enforced,” Glover said. “We did that just in case, because we’ve got to get things going or we’re going to lost this whole process we’ve been through. If something were to happen where they turned down this second offer, the council has decided to go with eminent domain route, which we didn’t want to do. No one wants to do that. But we are kind of force into getting this thing done because we are going to lose all this ground we’ve been plowing on getting a loan. If they accept, which I think they will, then we will close out this loan.”

The city was given an extension of Oct. 11 to obtain the property and close the, or forfeit their funding.

According to Glover, last Tuesday both Immanuel Baptist Church and the Elder Family Partnership verbally accepted the city’s counter offers but the documents weren’t signed until Friday.

Glover expressed his relief in the offers being accepted.

“I really appreciate that, and them helping the city out,” Glover said.