The Carlisle School approved a request by Lindsey Thaxton to allow freshmen to compete at the state cheerleading completion.

Thaxton, who serves as the cheerleading team sponsor, had requested the move to Superintendent Jason Clark, who denied the request and said that those situations cause controversy and grief.

Thaxton told the Board that with Carlisle being a co-ed team, they would be competing in a bigger classification and against schools as large as 4A.

Because of an injury, the cheerleading squad is down to only 10 members, which isn’t enough for the stunts needed to compete.

Thaxton told the Board she had moved up freshmen previously, and that this was the first time she had to be get their approval.

She noted that no other sports team at the school has to ask permission. As a matter of course, for example, freshmen baseball players, are moved up to the high school team.

Thaxton was told by School Board member Terri McCallie that students try-out for the cheer team and not for the other sports teams.

“I’m here to fight for my [team],” Thaxton said. “They really want to go. They have a great chance of winning state this year, even in a co-ed division. If you know first-hand they are going to get beat, I wouldn’t take them and that’s not fair to those six seniors who would have their eligibility taken away. “

After some discussion, Bryan Oliger made a motion to allow the freshmen cheerleaders to move up for the state competition. The motion was second-ed by Adam Ellis. It passed 4-2with Oliger, Ellis, Jereme Carter and Debbie Reid voted for while Cliff Schafer and McCallie voted against.

In other business, Officers will remain the same as the previous year, with McCallie as president, Oliger as vice president, Parker as secretary, Ellis as disbursement officer and Schafer as alternate disbursement officer and delegate.

A presentation for outsourced food services was also made to the board by OPAA Food Management Inc.

Also during the meeting, the board unanimously approved to hold school board elections in May and to approve the budget adjustment to reflect a $10,000 Title IV grant submitted after the budget was approved.