Cabot City Council members will further discuss a first-its-kind approach to economic development before setting it in motion. If approved, the city would enter a $100,000 contract with Cabot Chamber of Commerce to establish a community and economic development program. Alderman Rick Prentice called for the delay remarking, “There are things I still don’t grasp.”

The contract was one of the matters considered during the city council meeting held Monday.

Aldermen Ed Long, Ann Gilliam, Prentice, Ron Waymack, Kevin Davis, Damen Bivens, Norma Naquin and Doug Warner attended the meeting, presided by Mayor Bill Cypert.

Before the meeting, Davis said the approach of using an outside agency for economic development could not be done because the transfer of money was not allowed; but that changed with the approval of Act 685 during the 2017 Arkansas Legislature.

Cypert introduced the measure, remarking that, “We have been working on this for several years, or longer … I think it is a good deal for Cabot with the purpose to develop the community and economic development of the city.”

Act 685 sets the provisions under which city funds can be given to a non-government entity, to be used for an economic development project.

However, with Prentice’s request, the council agreed to include discussion of the measure during the Nov. 6 city council agenda meeting.

A copy of Act 685 of 2017 may be downloaded at

In other matters; second readings were made to rezone 430 North St. from R-1 to R-2; and 1200 W. Main St. from C-2 to C-3.

First reading was made to rezone 607 N. 2nd. Street from R-1 to O-1.

Approval was given to purchase a generator for the Cabot Animal Shelter, for $20,202.40 from Northside Power of Cabot.

Approval was given for the re-appointment of John Thompson Ken Kincade the Cabot Parks and Recreation Commission.

Approval was given to increase the contract payment for the Cabot Highway 89 Streetscape Project by $16,732.50. Cypert explained the amount covered the costs incurred in the underground utilities encountered in the project.

Approved filing liens against three properties for funds spent to correct property code violations: Declaring an Emergency; 14 Park Cr. – $88; 111 Walnut St. – $104.50; 2027 N. Hills Dr. – $93.50.