Fire Chief Derryk Burks gave the Carlisle City Council an update on hydrant flushing during its Oct. 17 meeting.

Burks said the fire department has flushed 43 hydrants to date and found seven hydrants to not be working properly. He said they are putting trash bags over the hydrants that are not working, so in the event of a fire the department would not try to use that hydrants.

Burks also said there are also two hydrants missing out by the interstate. He said they must have been removed when the new highway was put in and not replaced.

He added that flushing and logging each hydrant flushing will help with lowering the city’s fire rating. In addition, the fire department’s next project will be to pressure test each hydrant, and it would also help lower the city’s rating..

“Well y’all are making progress,” W.H. Kittler said. “Looking good.”

“Yeah, we’re trying to,” Burks said. “When we get done, we will give [David Walters II] a list of the ones that don’t work and we will go from there.”

“When we go to replace these, it’s going to be up to y’all to decide how many y’all want to do a year or whatever,” Public works superintendent David Walters II said. “It’s not just take a fire plug out and put another one in. We have to pay those guys to come in and put valves in and all that stuff. It cost about $3,000 a valve, depending on what size we put it. Plus the fire plug.”

Walters added that the company has agreed to reduce the cost of valve replacements, if they had multiple fire hydrants to work on rather than a single one. Each hydrant alone costs around $1,550.

Carlisle Mayor Ray Glover said if they were able to find out how many hydrants need to be replaces, the city may be able to add the cost into the new water and sewer loan.

“But you’ve got to understand to, that we can’t get 20 of these things because I have no where to put them,” Walters said.

No action was taken by the council.

During the water department discussion, Glover also gave the council on an update on the water project bond. According to Glover, the city closed on the bond last week. He said according to Frank Elder of Frank Elder Drilling, they would start on the water well after the first of the year and the water tower painters will begin the water tower rehab project at anytime. The water tower project is estimated to take three months.

In other business, the council unanimously voted to approved the distribution of tax collections for 2016 and collected in 2017, as its. The millage will remain the same at .0050 mills. The majority, .0042 mills will be used toward the general millage fund and .0004 will go to fire department fund. The remaining .0004 mills collected will go to the local firemen’s pension fund.

The next regular scheduled council meeting will be at 6 p.m. Nov. 21 at City Hall.