On Thursday, Nov. 9, the Woodlawn Community Center opened their doors at 10:30 a.m. for their weekly community events.

Cecelia Anderson opened the program by having 15 attendees recite the “Pledge of Allegiance.”And singing “God Bless America,” accompanied by Anita Weathers on the piano. Carol McArthur gave the invocation, praying for our friends that are sick and unable to be with us, and thanking God for our many blessings.

The Woodlawn Center, was pleased to have a great and talented entertainer, “Rick Campbell,” His songs and music were from around the “Elvis”time such as “I’m all shook up,” “Shake, rattle and roll,” and many more. Rick said a prayer and blessed the food, everyone enjoyed their dinner.

15 Woodlawn attendees, enjoyed pizza on Wednesday, at “Larry’s Pizza.”

This Wednesday, Nov. 15, ” New Horizon Baptist Church,”will host a day of entertainment and a “Great” Thanksgiving dinner for all attendees from the Woodlawn Community Center, an event “New Horizon” gifts the Woodlawn Center every year. All Woodlawn attendees are thankful for their generosity.

Thanksgiving day, Nov. 23, the center will be closed, knowing that everyone is thankful for ” God’s blessings.” And enjoying their dinners. Whatever time day they choose to celebrate.

On Nov. 29,, the center plans having and playing games, visiting and enjoying the day. The menu for lunch, will be sandwiches, chips and dip. And, of course, there will be desserts.

We are thankful for our Community Center, and wish more of our friends and neighbors would visit and enjoy the friendly atmosphere at the Woodlawn Community Center, 10070, Arkansas Highway 31 north. Come early for a cup of coffee and bring a dish for potluck. For for more information call Cecelia Anderson at 501-676-3965.