Licensed personnel president Louann Howell spoke to the Lonoke School board during its Monday night meeting, about changes to the licensed personnel policy for jury duty or court appearance leave.

According to the district current licensed personnel jury duty or court appearance leave policy, employees are entitled to temporary leave without loss of pay or leave benefits, upon giving reasonable notice. The district will pay any employee full salary provided that the employee agrees to return to the district, all pay received for such duty, less receipted parking.

“We just feel like it’s almost unamerican to ask to give that check for our jury duty services that we do,” How

According to Howell, Lonoke and Jonesboro school district are the only two of 22 surrounding school districts whom require employees to reimburse the district all pay received for jury duty services. She also presented the practice and procedures of courts, which reads “No employer shall subject an employee to discharge, loss of sick leave, loss of vacation time or any other form of penalty on account of his or her absence from employment by reason of jury duty”.

“To me personally, it’s just the interpretation of the no further penalty, ” Howell said. ” At one point, [the district] took no further penalty to, but you have to give me your money. To me, no further penalty is no further penalty.”

“Right,” Superintendent Merle Dickerson said.

According to Darrell Park, the previous policy was changed at the suggestion of the district attorney, but was questioned when presented to the board.

Howell provided the board with a new proposed policy change, which removed all forms of pay by or to the district, reflect the practice and procedures of courts statement.

By unanimous vote, the board approved the licensed personnel policy change for jury duty or court appearance leave.

In other business, Jack Trumper with Stephens Inc. spoke to the board about changes to the Municipal Advisory Agreement between the district and Stephens. According to Trumper, beginning in 2018, Stephens will no longer charge an annual fee of $1,250 for its continuing disclosure services as they have now streamlined their operations. By unanimous vote, the board accepted the amendments and three year agreement renewal with Stephens.

Following executive session, the board reconvened and accepted the resignation of Becca Coleman as paraprofessional and unanimously approved the hiring of Mary Reisz as a paraprofessional, Shawne Rheaume as part-time E-school/cycle coordinator, Tera Buzzard as bus driver and Nikeisha Ramey as middle school nurse.

Also during the meeting, the board unanimously approved the contract disclosure and board resolution for Mike Brown and Sew What, the sewing and alterations business, for non-contracted services with the district.

The next regular scheduled board meeting will be at 6 p.m. Dec. 18 in the administration building.