The Lonoke County Museum will present “Murder at the ‘57 Class Reunion of Lonoke High” Murder Mystery at 5:30 p.m. this Saturday, Jan. 27, at the Lonoke Museum in Lonoke. Cost with $15 each for $25 per couple. A meal consisting of hamburgers, chips and drink will be provided.

Through our red carpet television interviewer, our investigative reporter, clues, witness reports, etc. information will be given for you to come to your own conclusion as to who killed our victim.

Unfortunately for one of the alumni, a murderer is destined to strike at the Lonoke High School Class of 1957, ten year reunion.Will it be the math genius, who is now a financial wizard with millions? The Valedictorian, who refuses to let anyone top her? Ever. Or possibly the Student Body President who is now a U.S. presidential hopeful? You’ll have but one night to figure it out and bring the killer to justice.

Characters include:

Bill Ryker as Nick Kennedy (President of the Student Body/Senator / U.S. President hopeful)

Pam Ryker as Nancy Kennedy (Vice Pres. of the Student Body / 1st Lady hopeful)

Mark Thomas as Gene Mantle (Jock /All-Star Baseball / P.E. & Football Coach)

Susan Thomas as Natalie Mantle (Cheerleader/Homemaker / Business Owner)

Sandy Olsten as Teresa Cruise (PomPom Squad / Dancer / Choreographer)

John Robert as “J. R.” Hueing (Prom King / Top Executive of Crown Power Plant)

Linda Swan as Mallory Hueing (Prom Queen / Miss America Finalist)

Logan Stone as Mandy Boulder (Student Librarian; Mallory’s Niece)

Don Cook as Steven Spielstone (Video Recording Geek / Film Director/Producer)

Wanda “Sissy” Cook as Marilyn Sunroe (Flirt / Actress; Steve Spielstone’s Girlfriend)

Jo Hill as Josephine “Jo” Hyde (Manager/Agent for Marilyn Sunroe)

Cleta Hardy as Barbara “Bobbie” Bright (Valedictorian / Lawyer forMusic Producers)

Leanna Rich as Susan Succhi (Drama Queen / Soap Opera Star)

Anna McClung as Rona Parrot (School Gossip / Gossip Columnist)

Lynn Sample as Walter Dunright (Yearbook Editor/School Newspaper Reporter/Little Rock Newspaper Investigative Reporter)

Joe Garnett as Joe Knight (Math Genius / Accountant for Steven Spielstone)

Jeannie Garnett as Jeannie Knight (Pep Squad Captain / Works with Husband)

Eddie Pennington as Eddie Trumpet (Marching Band Member / Music Producer duo)

Angelia Cunningham Pennington as Angelia Clarinet (Marching Band Member / Music Producer duo)

Rick Hardy as Sergeant Joe Saturday (Homicide Detective)

Rusty Eisenhower as Chuck Morris (Hall Pass Monitor / Martial Arts Trainer / Lonoke Co. Deputy / Body Guard / Private Investigator)

Shirley Howard as Carol Cranium (Psychic-Medium)

Rita Schmitz as Gabriel “Gabby” Grill (Reporter from the L.R. television station)

Members of the Motor Cycle Gang who crash the reunion are:

Freddy Swan as “Knuckles”; Leader of the Pack

Rita Patterson as “Silk”; Girlfriend of Knuckles

David Patterson as “Rooster” ; Gang Member

Just come like you are or dress up in the 57’s to 67’s fashions. Please join us in this one of a kind Murder Mystery.