Carlisle Mayor Ray Glover gave his 2018 state of the city address during the Feb. 20 Carlisle City Council meeting.

“The state of the city moving into 2018 is in good shape both financial and facility wise,” Glover said. ” Your Mayor and City Council continue to look for ways to improve our city, so the people who live here will be proud of their town and hopefully we can attract more people to move here and be a part of our community. We are very mindful of the youth in our city and continue to update our parks. We have added a new T-ball and a new softball field to Rockefeller Park. We have also paved the drive thru to make it into a circle drive that is more convenient for the public. We have been painting and updating the Downtown Park and gym. The Council has been busy with infrastructure projects. Our rock filter plant has been updated, the water tower north of town is being sandblasted and painted, and we will be drilling a new water well in the near future as well. We paved more city streets through a grant provided by the State City street aid program. The State also paved highway 70 through town. We will continue to keep our streets in good shape. We are pleased with our trash pickup service provided by WCA. Your city also provides a paper compactor and a dumpster for our citizens convenience .The Civic Center is full of activities of all kinds. We are very proud of the Center and know the people of Carlisle are also.”

“Our water and sewer department under the leadership of David Walters continue to provide us with good clean water and reliable sewer,” Glover said.

“Our Police Department with Eric Frank leading the way keep our city one of the safest places to live in Lonoke County,” Glover said. ” The Fire department has two new trucks to better serve the people of our city. We are very thankful for Southern Paramedics for our ambulance service. Carlisle Municipal Airport continues to grow. An eight plane T-hangar is expected to be added in the near future.”

“Angelia James is by my side making sure our finances stay in good shape and keeping me focused,” Glover said. “Ronnie Ashmore has double duty with the Civic Center and Parks Department and does an excellent job with both. Monica Allen is doing a good job in our water office and Janice Curlett keeps the City’s bills paid.”

“I want to thank all the city employees that work so hard to make sure everything runs smoothly,” Glover said. Your city leaders will keep working to keep Carlisle moving forward. With your continued support, we hope to make Carlisle a better place for all of us to live.”