Robby and Stephanie Bevis of Scott were recently selected national winners at the 62nd annual National Outstanding Young Farmers Awards Congress held Feb. 15-18 in Sacramento, Calif.

Four national winners were selected from a group of 10 finalists for the award based on their progress in an agricultural career, extent of soil and water conservation practices, and contributions to the well-being of the community, state, and nation.

The three other national winners for 2018 are from Iowa, Ohio, and Wisconsin. National winners received a savings bond from corporate sponsor John Deere and the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C., during National Ag Week in 2019.

In his 22 years growing corn, soybeans, and rice, Robby Bevis said in a release he developed a method he calls “have-to farming.” He only tills, uses pesticides, irrigates, and fertilizes when necessary, and the air and water quality on his farm has improved dramatically as a result. The fifth-generation farmer earned a degreein Ag Business from Arkansas State University while growing his first crops on rented land. He strives to improve irrigation, increase yields, improve the soil, and upgrade equipment as well as passing on the family legacy of farming to the next generation, Corey, Trey, and Logan. New technology such as GPS and grain monitoring systems has made attainment of these goals possible.

Bevis participated in Farm Bureau President’s Leadership Council, and he is a founding member and president of the Arkansas Soil Health Alliance. He has been a conference speaker at the Arkansas Crop Management Conference, the Arkansas Soil and Water Education Conference, and the National Cotton and Rice Conference. He serves on the Agriculture Council of Arkansas. Robby’s wife, Stephanie, runs an at-home business and serves as a CASA advocate for foster care children.