The City of Cabot recognized Patrol Officer Harley Hooten as the employee of the month for March for his hard work and dedication during the month of February.

In the months of January and February, during enforcement in the area of a suspected drug residence, Hooten made multiple arrests from vehicles leaving the residence in addition to his normal patrol duties. The information provided was so valuable that a search warrant was obtained for the residence. The search resulted in the resident being charged with multiple felony drug charges. The property owner was extremely happy with the Cabot Police Department. She ultimately evicted the suspect making the entire area safer for the local residents. This investigation and warrant would not have been possible without Patrolman Hooten’s hard work and dedication to the citizens of Cabot.

His supervisors describe Hooten as someone who comes in ready to work and doesn’t let things get him down or stop him from doing his job. For being with Cabot for only a little over a year, he has shown great promise of being one of the top preforming officers.

For being chosen employee of the month, Hooten will receive a plaque with his name on it, his name added to the list of employees chosen as employee of the month on the City Hall plaque, his story in this newspaper, his photo and name added to the City website, and lunch or breakfast with the Mayor and the Human Resources Director.

The City will choose an employee each month based on their hard work from the month before.