Carlisle Mayor Ray Glover announced at the May 15 Carlisle City Council meeting, that ARcare Medical would like to partner with the city for a wellness center.

Glover said the difference in a fitness center and a wellness center, would be that there would be certified staff to take blood pressure, offer cooking classes for diabetics, etc. Glover said the building is estimated to be around 4,000 square feet. He said the project is estimated to cost around $450-500,000.

With council approval, the city will begin applying for grants to construct the facility. He said ARcare is prepared to cover any costs not paid for by the grant. In addition, Glover said ARcare will furnish workout equipment and staff for the facility, in return of allowing the building to be rented from the city for $1 per year. The city will cover insurance and maintaining the building.

“This is something the people of Carlisle say they really want,” Glover said.

The wellness center will be located on the property north of the Civic Center.

In a unanimous vote, the council approved Glover to pursue grants funding for the wellness center.

Also during the meeting, the council unanimously approved to:

- Put $15,000 toward the Lonoke County Housing Authority drainage project. Total project cost is $112,360.

- Authorize the city to lay an eight inch sewer pipe in the city easement, for the Bison Street Sewer project.

The next Carlisle City Council meeting will be at 6 p.m. June 19 in the Civic Center.