Good afternoon family, friends, facility, and fellow graduates. The class of 2018 would like to thank you all for coming to celebrate what this day means.

I am honored that the Lord has given me the opportunity to stand here before you as a representative of the remarkable class of 2018. As we wrap up this chapter in our lives, we are grateful for everyone that has helped guide us to this place today. We have worked so hard to make it this far.

It is a great privilege that we have been blessed with an extraordinary support system that has aided our own self determination so that we could be assembled here today to commemorate this milestone in our lives. Everyone here, from the groundskeeper to the custodian to the faculty and everyone in between have contributed to the development of who we are and will continue to influence us far after we leave this arena.

Although the thought may not have passed our minds just yet, this is the last time that the world will have the pleasure of seeing our class together in its entirety. We have all just achieved the biggest accomplishment of our young lives- we’ve graduated. This proves that we can do anything we set our minds to.

We all have our own life-goals; some of us will move away, while others of us will come back home. Each of us will have varied views of success as we diverge into our own paths. We can all be successful in any path that we take, as long as we stride to be the best we can. It is our time to discover the amazing things that God has in store for each of us. This coming fall, many of us will have new mascots, but we will never forget our first-the mighty bison.

Soon we will look back and realize that many of the best times were the times we wished would pass quickly. All of our favorite events-that field trip in elementary that everyone loved or that playoff game that we won-will be a distant memory. Even our days of making the best homecoming floats have passed.

Classmates: Be exceptional in whatever career path that you choose, and work as hard as you can. I believe that we can accomplish anything. To be successful in life does not require being rich and famous, it only requires that we make our families proud. And you already have. Be thankful and true to yourself, even through the disappointments, (Slight Pause) for they show you how strong you truly are.

I am privileged to be recognized as one of the many Valedictorians that Carlisle has had in its many decades of showcasing this tradition, and I will be sad to see it go. I know I will one day look back and feel nostalgic from being blessed to be a part of this.

I wish every single one of us the best lives we can have and that we all achieve our dreams. As a popular sitcom theme song says, “Thank you for being a friend”. As this chapter closes, I would like to say: “Welcome to the best parts of our lives”