To the Editor:

I found it somewhat amusing and sad that the KSL initiative (Kick Start Lonoke) would ask the Lonoke City Council for a sales tax increase. Less than a year ago, the city had an opportunity for a Loves Travel Center to be located at the Highway 89 overpass area. Loves indicated they would generate approximately $1MM per year in sales tax revenue for the dcity. Besides the sales tax, Loves was willing to spend $500,000 of their own money to have the water & sewer lines installed not only serve their needs but the needs of future businesses (Gas stations, motels, etc.) on the west side of Hwy 89.

I’m not sure if the city of Lonoke wants growth. Opportunity doesn’t knock on our door every day. I addressed the council and mayor about a year ago about getting off their rear and going to work to make Lonoke a better place to live. If you are not growing, you are dying. “No Action Was Taken”.

Attitudes have to change or people replaced if we are to get any better. Throwing money at a situation won’t solve a thing. As the paper so well put it, “No Action Was Taken”. Really!!

Bill Cunningham