Dear Editor,

My name is Heath Stocks and I was sentenced to life without parole in 1997, in a case which has been nationally told, yet locally shunned, and is now AGAIN ACTIVE.

On September 20, 2017, my family, as victims to the crimes for which I am imprisoned, filed on my behalf a petition in which I have requested the trial court reinvest in my case, reopening it for consideration. My family, supporters, other victims, and I can only hope and pray that the corruption, suppression, lies and cover ups of days past will give way to an honest, compassionate, yet transparent society and that my path to justice can help ensure the horrors resulting in this plea to you never become the story of another.

Post-conviction relief is being attempted for the first time since the “conclusion” to my case [State v. Heath Carlton Stocks, Lonoke County, AR Case No. 43CR-97-9] twenty years ago. Politics within a community where everyone knows everyone, and favor is equivalent to a hard-working man’s honest day’s work, hindered attorneys from taking on my case, not even those who aided my persecution. A petition was filed with the circuit court a little over a month ago, requesting a reinvestment in my case. You may view all recent filings here.

In 1997, from arrest until coerced guilty plea, only 5 months were allowed for the process and, one month after my plea, the investigation of my abuser began. Once that case began and reached its conclusion, the judge who sentenced both my abuser and I, checked out my original case file and it was never returned. Twenty years later, during research on a book about my case, documentation was found to prove what was never introduced in my defense.

My abuser had been a Scout master for over 30 years, and had sexually abused and conditioned boys to protect him that whole time. There was even a history of his using boys to threaten those that sought to expose him, and it was finally revealed that my mother caught him in our home raping me just weeks prior to my family being killed. My abuser, the abuse, his involvement masterminding the crimes, all was suppressed and never considered in my case.

Many boys were singled out by my abuser who had learning disabilities, who were considered difficult, yet easier to manipulate. He used alcohol to sexually molest and condition all for years. We withdrew inside ourselves to cope and survive, having been made to do things to each other that defy description, yet when I was arrested my history of therapy and record of abuse was not addressed. In my mental evaluation, even after being told not to engage in it, I was ruled anti-social while the symptoms I possessed accurately reflected the trauma and abuse I had suffered.

I didn’t know who to trust and even those assigned to defend me were more loyal to my abuser and his powerful father than to me. It will take people like you to sort through the documentation that has been gathered to expose one of the worst cases of a corruption in modern history.

I was represented by conflicting counsel, who were more devoted to my abuser and his father, a judge, than my defense, so details of over a decade of sexual abuse and manipulation were suppressed. They weren’t the only hindrance to my defense, my mental evaluation was botched by conflicting advice from each attorney, one of which was close friends with my abuser, and prejudiced by outside influence from the presiding judge and prosecutor.

I contact you in hopes of accountability. Those who enabled the lies, the cover-up, corruption, who turned a blind eye and flaunted their political prowess, deserve their day in court - as well as myself. I urge you to look, follow my case, and research the story I am telling. You can follow my case, as well as start your investigation by visiting my website at


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