Lonoke County marriage licenses June 15-July 12, 2012:

Gary Clinton Rochester, 34, of Benton to Melissa Ann Mathis, 31, of Lonoke

Jacob Edward Steinberg, 22, of Lonoke to Beth Ann Rousseau, 25, of Lonoke

Jason Joel McLean, 24, of Carlisle to Lillian N. Irwin, 23, of Carlisle

Brian Lee Wrobleski, 45, of North Little Rock to Shirley Faye Manning, 42, of Lonoke

William Preston Turner, 47, of Summerville, S.C., to Melissa Anne Kerins, 45, of Summerville, S.C.

Dustin Michael Simmons, 22, of Ward to Taylor Michelle Weatherford, 23, of Ward

Timothy Wayne McDaniel, 25, of Cabot to Shereka Nichol Sims, 20, of Cabot

Christopher Shane Thomason, 41, of Fountain, Colo., to Sara Faye Martineau, 31, of Fountain, Colo.

William Quincy Lamb, 29, of Lonoke to Melissa Renee Mootz, 24, of Lonoke

Bobby G. Fritts, 78, of Jacksonville to Margie S. Edwards, 74, of Jacksonville

Byunggu Kim, 30, of Austin to Tracey L. Bartlett, 32, of Austin

Christopher Dashun Case, 21, of Cabot to Kelsey Nowell Best, 19, of Cabot

Brandon Wayne Martin, 21, of Gravel Ridge to Brieana U. Dodson, 18, of Gravel Ridge

Adam Farmer, 25, of Austin to Patricia Sue Fender, 28, of Austin

Leonard K. Ridgle Jr., 23, of England to Angel Renee Keeny, 19, of England

Nathan Dean Ware, 33, of England to Sophronia Renae Adams, 39, of England

Aubrey Dwayne Haynes, 45, of Ward to Crystal Michelle Lipps, 35, of Cabot

James Andrew Moore, 29, of Ward to Avan Marie Phillips, 26, of Ward

Joseph Richard Cooper, 25, of Ward to Jessica Diane Brock, 26, of Ward

Bobby Joe Harrison Jr., 22, of Ward to Taylor Victoria Sitton, 20, of Lonoke

Phillip Casey Covington, 20, of Austin to Sarah Lynn Gardner, 20, of Lonoke

Robert Harold Smith Jr., 54, of Lonoke to Debra K Ashcraft, 48, of Lonoke

Ayoola Adetokunbo Olawaiye, 36, of Ward to Amber Donisha Griffin, 31, of Ward

Joshua Clay Hackney, 33, of North Little Rock to Stephanie Estelle Finch, 31, of Lonoke

Jared Blane Watts, 30, of Cabot to Corrina Nichole Mayden, 30, of Cabot

Andrew Marvin Barnhart, 26, of Ward to Ashley Laraine Luther, 25, of Ward

Joel Micah Bard, 27, of North Little Rock to Nancy Elizabeth Feland, 28, of Cabot

Arvid N. Fisher, 75, of Jacksonville to Myrna De Leon, 47, of Jacksonville

Maurice Steven Kirkland, 40, of Lonoke to Cathy Joe Sneed, 31, of Cabot

Robert Ian Solee, 27, of England to Kasey Lynn Killion, 21, of England

Davit Randall Collins, 22, of Cabot to Brook Lynn Brown, 19, of Cabot

Preston Wayne Wright, 16, of Lonoke to Erica Nicole Reed, 17, of Lonoke

Elvin Wayne Pierce, 60, of Jacksonville to Doris P. Pruett, 57, of Jacksonville

Robert Laverne Rhodes, 34, of Carlisle to Crissie Rena Riggs, 34, of Carlisle

Blake Riley Wilson, 23, of Lonoke to Haley Nicole Berg, 24, of Jacksonville

John Manning Siems, 29, of Cabot to Jennifer Marie Siems, 29, of Cabot