Mrs. Staton’s Class

Dear Santa Claus,

My name is Mrs. Staton, and I teach Pre-K at Lonoke Primary School. My students have worked hard to learn the things I am teaching them. With Christmas getting closer, they are getting more excited each day. We have talked about the reindeer, elves, and Mrs. Claus. They would like to meet her someday.

We recently were introduced to your Scout Elf, Ollie, and have enjoyed his daily visits. Since he reports back to Santa every night, my students are working hard at making good choices and to always be on their best behavior. If you’re able, please send them one of their Christmas wishes.

Emmy would like a Barbie or Easy Bake Oven.

Triton wants a Rocket.

Jordan needs new hunting boots.

Collins would like an X-Box 360 or Giant Skylander Crusher.

Tisha would like a Princess Puppy or Easy Bake Oven.

Graci wants a Baby Butterscotch Pony.

Lexie would like a pony or play doggie.

Owen really needs some Ninjago Legos.

Addison would like dresses for her dolls or a Princess Barbie.

Madelyn wants a Barbie house and Barbies.

Zackary needs a Police cop car and wants a Police uniform, and maybe a fire truck too.

Peyton needs a real gun to shoot ducks!

Waiting for your visit,

Mrs. Staton

Ms. Denson’s Class

Dear Santa Claus,

My name is Ms. Denson, and I teach Pre-K at Lonoke Primary School. My students have been super busy this season and are extremely excited about your impending arrival. They have asked me many questions about the reindeer, elves, and Mrs. Claus. In addition, they are wondering if you ever get a vacation.

Since your last stop in Lonoke, my students have all entered a new phase in their young lives. They have all started "Big" school and are doing a fantastic job. I know their parents are proud of their accomplishments as I’m sure you are too. Because they are a hard working group of 4 and 5 year olds, I hope you will be able to bring them one of their Christmas wishes.

Raygehn Brooks wants a Big Bouncy House so all her friends can jump in it.

MaKaitlyn Calvin needs a big drum set to entertain her family.

Jennifer wants a real guitar.

Kira Childers thinks she is responsible enough now that she is 5 to have a Nintendo DS.

Marquelle Cole would like a toy castle

Karr Graham wants a Lightening McQueen Hawk.

Nadia Smith would like a real phone.

Gabby Holden would love to have a Princess Barbie.

Alyssa Jackson wants a big doll house for all her dolls.

Trey Jackson would like a Spiderman toy and a Batman toy.

Tyler Johnson would like a Spiderman toy.

Lauryn Jones would like an I-Pad, she says she will even share it with her brother.

Trey Jones wants anything Batman!

Madisyn Logan thinks she is responsible enough now that she is almost 5 to have a Nintendo DS.

Eric Martinez wants an Army Blaster toy.

Taliyah Murry wants a new bird house for the tree in her front yard. She would like a bird identification book too.

Zoey Rippeto would like a fake pink gun.

Lincoln Tolliver would like a Gear-Up & Go Lightening McQueen Monster truck.

Kanon Williams is very interested in toy Safari animals, Dinosaurs, and Sea Creatures.

Please send our helper Mrs. Marsha, something special. She makes my job much easier.

Love always and safe travels,

Ms. Denson

Mrs. Mitchell’s Class

Dear Santa…

Hannah Andrews would like a pair of roller skates.

Matthew Bonds wants a flying bat.

Emma Bryant would like a dinosaur toy.

Kamari Cole would like a dollhouse.

Sydney Cron wants a Rapunzel Barbie.

Lillian Davidson is hoping for an iPhone.

Cody Deadmon wants a guitar.

Mylea Dozier would love to have a pink hoot owl.

Lizbeth Garcia would like a princess.

Adam Guthrey wants a whistle.

Olivia Harrell wants a new Barbie.

MaLiaya Jones would like some jewelry.

Andrew Jenkins wants a race car track.

Kennedi Jensen is hoping for a Justin Bieber shirt.

Graci Lockridge would love to have a dress just like the Disney princess, Belle.

Mariana Lopez wants a boy and girl baby doll.

Angel Rangel wants a real car.

Jayson Roberts wants a toy helicopter.

Andrik Tovar would like some bubbles.

Kendall White would like a scooter.


Mrs. Mitchell’s Pre-K Class