After the Arkansas Activities Association’s mandated two-week dead period, Carlisle’s basketball Bison had had two practices with their new coach.

Brad Slatton, 54, returns to Arkansas after his retirement as superintendent of the Fort Elliott Consolidated Independent School District in Briscoe, Texas. He has coached boys and girls in both Texas and Arkansas, including stops at Stamps, Lafayette County, Prairie Grove, El Dorado, Carthage, Leslie and Strong. He took the Carthage boys and El Dorado and Prairie Grove girls to the state tournament.

“I’ve got my stuff in Arkansas, but we’re not in a house yet,” Slatton said last week. “We are waiting to close. Once I get that settled a little more, we’ll do some more things (with the Bison) throughout the summer.”

His initial impression of his new team?

“I see some talent there,” he said. “They’re going to have to get used to the style I’m going to play, which is whatever’s going to give us the best chance to win. I’m more of a man-to-man type of coach, and just by watching them for two days, I can see they haven’t done that much.

“They’ve done a lot of dribble-drive; I like to do a lot of screens. I’m kind of multiple on offense and defense. I’m not married to one thing or another. I like to be versatile and able to play all styles, so there is a learning curve.”

With the dead period over Monday, he said the Bison would focus on themselves for most of July.

“We will probably not have a chance to go to team camps, but I think it’s probably best this year for them to get used to me to see what it’s going to be like and for me to get familiar with them,” Slatton said. “That’s the plan right now. We’ll try to work out a few times a week until probably most of them go on to football.”