Lonoke’s Jackrabbits played host to a youth football camp Saturday that coach Taggart Moore plans as an investment in the future.

“We are trying to get more involved with the youth program,” he said. “All programs that are successful start with the youth, getting everybody running the same schemes and using the same terminology.”

The outreach started with coaching clinics for the pee wee coaches. Fifth- and sixth-grade coaches joined the Lonoke staff Monday night; third- and fourth-grade coaches came in on Tuesday; first- and second-grade met with the LHS coaches on Wednesday.

“We brought those guys in and taught them our system, what we call certain people, the basics of football and how we do things, drills,” Moore said. “We want our verbiage to be used with those guys.

“Those coaches were awesome. They took notes and asked questions. i hope they got a lot out of it. They said they want to do it again next year. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, to get consistency throughout the program.”

The clinics culminated Saturday with about 50 Lonoke Youth Football Association athletes joining more than 40 senior Jackrabbits for a morning camp. Assistant coach Chris Foor said the youth got popsicles at breaks and celebrated with hot dogs and chips after camp was over.

“The town is coming together with the new head football coach spearheading the movement to get the whole town working together for the program and, most importantly, for the kids,” Foor said. “That’s what everyone in town you talk to says they have been waiting on.”

But the youth weren’t the only ones who benefitted.

“Our kids loved it,” Moore said. “The coaches got them started, and then they ran it. We wanted them to teach.”