With numbers down a bit from last year, Carlisle’s Bison will take a few extra days of fall drills in shorts and shoulder pads before donning full pads.

“We’re down to about 21,” second-year coach Mark Uhiren said Sunday. “That’s down from about 24. One got his shoulder hurt during baseball; another one went to work somewhere. When your numbers are like that and you just lose one or two, it’s kind of dramatic.

“But we’re going to go on. That’s all you can do. I don’t want to play scared, but you’ve got to be realistic.”

The cooler-than-average August temperatures were welcome, Uhiren said — with a bit of caution.

“I kind of worry about that a little bit,” he said. “Usually Arkansas weather won’t hold that way. It’ll turn hot again. But we’ll take it for the first week. Everybody worked pretty hard. It took some getting used to, getting back into the swing.”

He praised the Bison’s summer workout participation, which had an average attendance of 19.

“They came and worked out, and we watched some film and worked in the weight room,” he said. “We worked on quarterback handoffs, exchanges, and stuff like that. They did real well.”

The Carlisle staff is in teacher meetings this week, so the football schedule has been adjusted. The senior Bison will work about 3:30 p.m. with the junior high to follow at about 5:30 before classes begin Monday.