Lonoke football coach Taggart Moore said he saw exactly what he wanted to see Monday as his Jackrabbits played Vilonia and Jacksonville in a benefit game at Vilonia.

“We did exactly what we wanted to do,” he said on the bus home from the scrimmage. “We didn’t want to show a whole lot because there were some other coaches there watching, but we came down the field and did what we wanted to do.

“The big thing is we came out of it healthy.”

In the first session against the host Eagles, the Jackrabbits scored on their first drive with Daniel Seigrist leading them on the run and pass.

“He had a great pocket presence,” Moore said of his senior quarterback. “(Junior) Braidon Bryant caught about a 50-yard touchdown pass. Both of them did a great job.

‘“We ended up stopping them on the next drive, so we beat them 7-0.”

In their second quarter of play, the Jackrabbits faced Jacksonville.

“They were fresh and we were a little drained, but I thought we did well,” Moore said. “They ended up beating us 6-0. It really was a good battle back and forth. They got one busted play on us when we missed a tackle, but aside from that, they didn’t score on us.”

The defense’s performance, allowing just six points in two quarters, was a highlight. Moore praised the play of senior nose guard Keyunta Hatton and senior middle linebacker Michael Hodges.

“Keyunta dominated up front,” Moore said. “Michael Hodges did a great job, as usual.”

Moore said the rest of the week’s schedule would include watching film, lifting weights and running Tuesday before the junior Jackrabbit benefit game at Jacksonville and scouting Carlisle, the senior Jackrabbits’ opening opponent, in the Bison’s scrimmage against Bald Knob.

“Wednesday we’ll ease back in through the rest of the week, and then next Monday we’ll start our Carlisle preparations,” he said.

The Jackrabbits will visit Carlisle to kick off the season Sept. 1.