Jordan Wall is our October Member of the month; Jordan Wall has been a valued member of the Lonoke Community Center since it opened in June 2002. Mr. Wall comes to the LCC at least five times a week, and when he comes he lifts weights.

When asked what Mr. Wall likes most about the LCC he states The LCC is always clean, and it is ran well, machines are in great shape, and it’ s a great environment to work out in, Mr. Wall also states that the monitor Leon Johnson does a very good job at cleaning machines, and also does anything asked of him. Mr. Wall also stated that if there was one thing he could change about the LCC it would be to have a bigger workout area.

Mr. Wall said that the LCC is a “GREAT” place to have in Lonoke, and has helped a lot of people get healthier.

Thank you “JORDAN WALL” for being our honored member of the month.