Carlisle’s baseball Bison will head into spring break after playing host to England for a conference doubleheader Thursday.

Phil Bernhardt’s Bison were 0-2 overall after a 12-2 loss to 2A-3 foe Des Arc last week. England opened the week 0-4.

“From everything I’ve heard, they’re returning a lot of young guys,” Bernhardt said of the Lions. “I know they have a new head coach who came over from Marion, so there’s a new guy in charge who’s got some experience in (Class) 6A. That could bring some success at our level.

“I do know everybody they’ve played to this point has been (Class) 4A or 3A. They tried to test themselves early, which I completely understand.

He said he didn’t think Des Arc was 10 runs better than his team.

“We weren’t hitting the ball like we were the night before in practice,” he said. “To put it simply, a lot of what we need to do is carry the things we’re doing in practices over into the games. Wednesday night, we worked on pickoffs, throw-downs from the catcher to second, some base-running work and finished with live batting practice. A lot of those balls were going into the base-hit or double range.

“We just need to carry that sense of relaxation and mentality of confidence from the live batting practice to the game.”